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We are presented with a number of different challenges when driving. From inclement weather to bad drivers, we need to stay alert when we’re navigating the roads of York, PA. You don’t want to make driving more difficult, but that’s what will happen when you’re driving with a failing breaking system. Instead of fighting your vehicle, work with it and visit the automotive professionals at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop. Our ASE Certified technicians and expertly trained service advisors have a full range of brake repair services for you and your vehicle. We back all of our services with our popular Peace-of-Mind warranty, which offers you 24 Months / 24,000 Miles on parts and labor. And if you use your NAPA EasyPay Credit Card on your next visit, we’ll increase that warranty to 36 Months / 36,000 Miles!

Do You Need Brake Service?

Outside of regular maintenance, the best way to maintain your brakes high level of performance is to actively monitor their condition. This includes checking the components themselves and looking out for any signs of degradation. You’ll be able to get ahead of any problems by doing so, which in turn will save you money on your next service. Here are a few signs of brake wear-and-tear that you should look out for!

Strange Sounds

If you suspect your vehicle’s braking system is starting to deteriorate, listen to them while in use. There are specific sounds you want to look for — squeaking or squealing and grinding. If you hear squeaking or squealing, that means your brakes pads have reached their minimum level of thickness and must be replaced soon. This sound usually occurs due to a metal spring or “hairs” found within the brake pads. Once it reaches a certain level of thickness, the spring or hairs will gently scrape the brake disc and create the sound. If you hear grinding, that means the brake pads have completely worn out and there is currently metal-on-metal contact between the brake pads and brake rotor. This will cause serious damage to your brake rotor and if not handled promptly, will have you facing an expensive service bill.

Spongy Pedal

When using your brakes, they should respond to even the lightest touch of the brake pedal. This is because, at any moment, you may need your brakes to get you out of a dangerous situation. If you notice you’re pushing further down on the brake pedal to activate your brakes, that’s a sign of a spongy brake pedal. You will need to have one of our technicians perform a thorough brake inspection to determine the cause. If not handled quickly, the pedal will eventually reach the floor of your vehicle and you will not be able to activate your brakes.

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Don’t drive around with poor brakes. Not only do you place yourself in danger, but you put the drivers around you in danger as well. If you start to notice issues, make sure you visit Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, PA! Our ASE Certified technicians and service advisors will quickly assess the condition of your brakes and provide them with the auto care they need. By the end of your visit, your brakes will be operating like new! Schedule your visit by using our convenient online scheduling system or giving us a call at 717-843-6236. Feel free to visit our shop at 221 N. East Street, York, PA 17403, we’re right off Interstate 83! We can’t wait to meet you.

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