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Auto Repair Signs

Does Your Automobile Need Repair?

Auto Repair in York, PA

Asking Yourself Some Simple Questions

Perhaps you’re wondering if your vehicle needs auto repair. While we’ll need to discuss the signs you’re noticing and make an accurate diagnosis, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to determine if it’s time to schedule a visit with Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, Pennsylvania. Our team of ASE-certified technicians has the knowledge and expertise needed to service and repair most makes and models, so schedule a visit if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  1. Does It Stink?
  2. Your automobile’s internal combustion engine ignites a precise mixture of fuel and air to produce a series of little explosions that produce the power needed to operate your car. The resulting by-products are expelled through the exhaust. To limit harmful emissions, the catalytic converter “cleans” the gasses first. In a properly functioning vehicle, you won’t notice an exhaust odor inside the passenger cabin. If the catalytic converter isn’t working as it should, you’ll likely notice a sulphuric scent that smells a bit like rotten eggs.

  3. Is It Hard to Start?
  4. If your vehicle is difficult to start, there may be a number of underlying causes. Potential issues include a weak battery, failing spark plugs, loose or dirty battery cables, or a clogged fuel filter.

  5. Has There Been a Decline in Fuel Economy?
  6. Although you can’t control fuel prices or the standard estimated mileage for your brand of automobile, you know your specific vehicle best because you’re the driver. If you notice an unexpected decline in how far you can go on a tank of fuel, a mechanical problem could be to blame. Items to check include oxygen sensors, the air filter, and fuel injectors.

  7. Are Dashboard Lights Illuminated?
  8. Finally, an obvious alert that your vehicle needs repair is an illuminated dashboard light. Some indicate emergencies (such as a temperature gauge that shows your car is overheating), while others are most often less urgent (such as the check engine light). However, all are important and should never be ignored.

Your Local Auto Repair Specialist

Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop has operated as a family business since 1958, so we’re committed to serving drivers just like you in our community. However, we also offer all the advantages of a major facility. We’re part of the Napa AutoCare Network, providing you with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all repairs. You can even extend this guarantee to 36 months/36,000 miles on repairs of $199 or more when you use your Napa EasyPay Credit Card. Our question for you . . . Why go anywhere else when you have a local auto repair specialist?