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Auto Repair Signs

Does Your Automobile Need Repair? Auto Repair in York, PA Asking Yourself Some Simple Questions Perhaps you’re wondering if your vehicle needs auto repair. While we’ll need to discuss the signs you’re noticing and make an accurate diagnosis, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to determine if it’s time to schedule a visit […]

Signs of Engine Trouble

Uh-Oh! Does My Car Have Engine Trouble? Engine Repair in York, PA Mechanical Integrity As related to your ability to travel reliably and safely, you depend upon the mechanical integrity of your vehicle. When something doesn’t seem right, your first question may be whether or not your automobile has engine trouble. When you rely on […]

Tips to Get Your Auto AC to Work Better

York’s Go-To Auto AC Repair Specialists Nothing feels worse than entering your car on a scorching summer day, turning it on, and feeling warm air blowing out of your AC vents. Not cool. To avoid baking in your car all summer long, your car’s AC must be working correctly. Thankfully, the auto AC repair technicians […]

Why Is There Mold in My Car?

All About Car AC Mold Many household basements can suffer from mold infestation. But what about your car? Surprisingly enough, this funky fungus can grow in your vehicle’s AC system. Mold and mildew thrive in dark, damp environments. This makes a car’s air conditioning vents a haven for mold. The auto AC repair experts at […]

What Are Swollen Lug Nuts?

Has your auto repair shop ever told you that you need to replace your lug nuts because they are swollen?  If so, they are correct.  Terms like swollen lug nuts and bulging lug nuts are used to describe the situation when the lug nuts on your vehicle are unable to be removed by the typical […]

Is your Check Engine Light on Due to Evaporative System Issues? Stouch’s Can Help!

One of the most common reasons your check engine light can come on is due to issues with the fuel evaporative system.  This system is designed to prevent evaporating fuel from leaving the vehicle and entering the atmosphere.  When the system is operating correctly, the evaporating fuel is contained and sent into the engine’s air […]

How Cold Weather Affects Your Tire Pressure

The Tire Pressure Warning Light often called the TPMS Light, Low Tire Pressure Light or The Tire Pressure Light is designed to warn you of a potential problem with your tires, tire pressures or the tire pressure monitoring system.  This light can come on for several reasons.  Two common reasons are due to a sudden […]

Increase Night Time Visibility Headlight Restoration

The fall time change is here.  We turned our clocks back 1 hour and it’s now getting dark by 5 P.M.  From now until spring we all will be doing more driving in the dark, especially in snowy and rainy conditions.  Headlight performance and nighttime visibility are crucial for safe driving.  If your headlights are […]

Stouchs Speaks About: COVID 19 Customer Safety Standards

Our team has always put customer, worker, & vehicle safety as priority, and with the advent of COVID 19, we have had to expand our scope of safety to advance beyond simple cleanliness to include Social Distancing, Sanitization, & Community Safety.    Some upgrades to our processes include: Contactless Service – we can provide full service […]

Find Great Opportunities With a Career in Auto Repair

Why You Should Look Into a Career in Auto Repair Getting a job working on cars is a natural fit for gearheads and people who love automobiles. It’s also an excellent choice for those interested in building and repairing things, too, since auto repair requires a logical mind and a good sense for engineering. The […]