Find Great Opportunities With a Career in Auto Repair

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Find Great Opportunities With a Career in Auto Repair

Why You Should Look Into a Career in Auto Repair

Getting a job working on cars is a natural fit for gearheads and people who love automobiles. It’s also an excellent choice for those interested in building and repairing things, too, since auto repair requires a logical mind and a good sense for engineering. The team members at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, Pennsylvania, are more than happy to share their experiences with prospective mechanics, letting you know everything that’s great about working in a garage!

Under the Hood

No service station can get by without the experienced hands of an Automotive Repair Technician. These employees are the bread and butter of the automotive repair industry. Excelling in this field means acquiring certifications that give you the know-how to tackle the toughest jobs.

Those who choose an automotive technician as their profession will be in for a demanding yet rewarding career. Most service shops want their staff to be well educated and look for employees who aren’t afraid to learn new techniques and further their education about auto repair. As technology improves, mechanics have the opportunity to focus their careers in fresh and exciting specializations, too!

Behind the Counter

While a technician’s job is to work on cars, someone needs to be the face of the garage and interact with the public. Service advisors or writers need to be able to listen to customer problems and help diagnose issues in order to give appropriate repair estimates. Often this involves being able to help clients understand what goes into basic maintenance and repairs.

A career as a service writer means knowing about a variety of different types of auto repair. Working in tandem with technicians, these employees help to provide up-to-date information to the client about how the vehicle is progressing and making cost and order adjustments as new situations arise. If you love explaining complex components and processes to an audience unfamiliar with the technology, working as a Service writer can be a very satisfying career.

People are always going to need someone with experience to help fix their cars and trucks. For more information on choosing an auto repair profession in York, Pennsylvania, contact our dedicated team of expert technicians and service advisors. At Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop, we have the experience to not only help you fix your car but to guide you on the path towards a rewarding and lucrative career!