How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Frigid Winter Weather

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How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Frigid Winter Weather

4 Things to Do For Your Car Before it Gets Cold!

As you may know, the winter can be harsh on your vehicle. This is especially true if you live somewhere that gets snow often, like York, Pennsylvania. You don’t want to find yourself stranded or in an accident because you didn’t properly prepare. Below are a few tips from the pros at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop. We can help get your car or truck ready to take on the winter weather so you can avoid unnecessary auto repair bills.

New Wiper Blades

Do you think that you replace your windshield wiper blades frequently enough? Tests show that even the best blades lose their effectiveness after around six months. Their lifespan could be even shorter if you use your blades more often than the average person. If you are expecting snow or ice on your windshield, you need to have wiper blades in good shape. So, before the winter weather gets into full swing, upgrade those wiper blades so you will be able to see through any weather.

Check the Oil

Did you know that your car’s motor oil thickens when it gets colder? This means that it is less effective at lubricating your engine during chilly months. Check your owner’s manual and consider bringing your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to make sure you have the right oil for cold temperatures. Typically, a “W” viscosity-index oil is ideal for all weather. However, your engine’s needs may vary. Ask one of our experts if you need help getting your oil set for winter!

New Tires

If you live or drive in an area that has snow or ice on the roads, you might want to consider getting some winter tires. Most vehicles that come from the manufacturer have all-weather tires. These are acceptable in most conditions but don’t offer the best performance, traction, or control in heavy winter weather. If you have summer tires, you need to switch to something a little more seasonally appropriate to handle heavy snow or ice.

Test Your Battery

Your battery can be particularly affected by the cold weather. Head into your trusted auto repair shop and get your battery tested before freezing temperatures set in for the season. If it is showing signs of weakness or is more than five years old, you should replace it. Choose a top-rated battery over a budget option. You’ll be glad you did when your car or truck starts up consistently in the freezing weather. This could help you avoid getting stranded and freezing because your car won’t start!

Handle Your Auto Servicing Needs

For any car repair needs you have, contact Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, Pennsylvania. We are happy to help you prepare for winter. We want to know that you’re driving safely everywhere you go! Schedule an appointment today or stop by our shop. We can’t wait to see you!