Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop Speaks: About VEHICLE SANITATION

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Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop Speaks: About VEHICLE SANITATION

At Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop, we recognize that our usual attention to keeping vehicles “clean” is no longer “good enough” during these COVID 19 times.   We have investigated several options for improving the sanitization of our customer vehicles as well as our loaner vehicles. 

Several options were investigated using criteria:

  • Effectiveness: Does the treatment work? Is it effective against Coronavirus?
  • Ease of Implementation: How long does it take?  Any special equipment or training? Available?
  • Duration: How long does the treatment last?
  • Safety: Are there any risks to our technicians or our customers?
  • Undesirable Effects: Does the treatment damage the vehicle?
  • Cost: Is the cost affordable? Would our customers consider it a value?

We investigated such varied treatments as vaporized antiseptics, topical disinfectants, and ultraviolet light treatments.  We settled on a proprietary treatment “PERMASAFE”.

PERMASAFE is a 2-step treatment that results in a bonded layer of protection for solid surfaces (the most likely point of vehicle contagious contamination). The mechanism of action at this level is primarily mechanical & electrostatic, hence its superiority in duration of action and safety.  While it takes a little longer to apply, it is safe, doesn’t damage the vehicle, sanitizes the ductwork, and even yields a favorable “new car smell”.  We believe STOUCH’S PERMASAFE TREATMENTS offer the best value & safety to combat inadvertent vehicle contamination.

All of our loaner vehicles will be treated with PERMASAFE & we will make treatments available for purchase by schedule beginning May 11, 2020 (first come first served).  

“Stouch’s – Staying Safe Together”