Stouchs Speaks About: COVID 19 Customer Safety Standards

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Stouchs Speaks About: COVID 19 Customer Safety Standards

Our team has always put customer, worker, & vehicle safety as priority, and with the advent of COVID 19, we have had to expand our scope of safety to advance beyond simple cleanliness to include Social Distancing, Sanitization, & Community Safety.   

Some upgrades to our processes include:

  • Contactless Service – we can provide full service without physical contact or paper contact.
  • QR code – Customers can drop off vehicles using a QR code to provide information on the drop off form
  • Lock Box – we can secure keys for pick up in a lock box with custom code for the customers
  • Invoice Email – get your invoice by email
  • Phone Pay – we can take payments via phone
  • Signatures – physical signatures not required
  • Loaner Vehicles – sanitized using “PermaSafe”
  • Pick Up and Delivery Service – we can pick up & return your vehicle
  • Shield – when you need to come into the office – we have a shield to enhance social distancing
  • Counter Wipe Down – we wipe down our counter between each customer interaction
  • Vehicle Wipe Down – we wipe down all vehicles before return to customer
  • Digital Reminders – we can email or text reminders to decrease paper contact
  • “STOUCH PERMASAFE SANITIZATION” – optional for purchase – a robust long lasting sanitization process to treat nonporous surfaces in the cabin of your vehicle

We are committed to balancing science, compliance with governing authority guidelines, customer comfort, and “common sense”. We  aim to achieve  the best, most valued customer experience & results.