Tips to Get Your Auto AC to Work Better

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Tips to Get Your Auto AC to Work Better

York’s Go-To Auto AC Repair Specialists

Nothing feels worse than entering your car on a scorching summer day, turning it on, and feeling warm air blowing out of your AC vents. Not cool.

To avoid baking in your car all summer long, your car’s AC must be working correctly. Thankfully, the auto AC repair technicians at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, Pennsylvania, are here to help.

Here are four tips for making your auto air conditioner blow cold air.

Change Out the Cabin Air Filter

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter stops dirt, dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants from entering your car through the heat and AC vents. If your filter is dirty or clogged, it can block AC airflow, preventing cold, crisp air from filling the cabin.

If you need to replace your cabin air filter, schedule an appointment with the team at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop today!

Disable Your Start-Stop System

Many modern vehicles have a start-stop system that automatically decreases the amount of time your engine spends idling, drastically reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Your car’s start-stop system turns the engine off, which can affect the AC’s ability to produce colder air. During sweltering summer days, consider shutting off the start-stop system to stay cooler.

Shady Relief

While you’re at work or running errands, try to park your car in a shady spot, like in a parking garage or under a tree. Parking in the shade will prevent heat buildup in your vehicle, making it more bearable when you finally get behind the wheel again.

If you can’t find shade, make your own! Buy a windshield sunshade to block direct sunlight from heating your cabin.

Don’t Push It to the Max

While it’s tempting to crank your AC to “max cool,” don’t immediately do this. Blasting your vehicle’s AC right away will pull in the air that’s already inside of the car, cool it, and then blow it right back onto your face.

You want to turn your fan to max speed and ensure the setting is on the “outside” airflow mode. This setting forces some of the hot air and humidity in your cabin out of the car, helping your AC work more efficiently.

Auto AC Repair to Keep You Cool

If your AC still isn’t working after trying these four tips, it may need repair. Schedule an auto AC repair appointment at Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop in York, Pennsylvania. Call us today at to beat the heat.