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Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop Speaks: About VEHICLE SANITATION

At Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop, we recognize that our usual attention to keeping vehicles “clean” is no longer “good enough” during these COVID 19 times.   We have investigated several options for improving the sanitization of our customer vehicles as well as our loaner vehicles.  Several options were investigated using criteria: Effectiveness: Does the treatment […]

Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop Speaks: About the COVID CRISIS

While the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Economic fallout from the battle to reduce morbidity & mortality have challenged us all, Stouch’s Auto Repair Shop desires to respond with courage & determination to remain true to our mission & values.  We are thus recommitting to: SAFETY:  Vehicles:  Helping our customers to keep their vehicles reliable & […]

How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Frigid Winter Weather

4 Things to Do For Your Car Before it Gets Cold! As you may know, the winter can be harsh on your vehicle. This is especially true if you live somewhere that gets snow often, like York, Pennsylvania. You don’t want to find yourself stranded or in an accident because you didn’t properly prepare. Below […]